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May 10th 2020

Time for a make-over!
Recently, we discovered some promising talent and some other collabs came to an end. Therefore, we decided to take our time to develop a new strategic business plan, website and mission statement.

At OENGER passion, enthusiasm, innovativeness, and straightforward communication are vital. Together we fight for every opportunity to generate a strong counterflow of musical talent beneath the river of privileged and settled names.

Our Roster: Boy Minos, The Shadow Machine, Subway Freak Show

Boy Minos – indie singer-songwriter, the heir to the throne of Elliott Smith and Alex Turner. Recording debut single.


The Shadow Machine – an authentic, warm, yet dark indie Duyster act. Debut single out now. EP late 2021.

Bookings: VOX – Dieter Craeye –


Subway Freak Show – Weird, ass-kicking energetic rock’n’roll that is reminiscent of Cage The Elephant and The Strokes. Writing new material.

Our Legacy: Kids With Buns, Sauvage

Since 2019 we discovered (on Soundcloud), developed, booked, promoted and managed ‘Marie’/’Kids With Buns‘ from scratch to victory in De Nieuwe Lichting 2021, a semi-final in 2020’s Humo’s Rock Rally. From creating the social media accounts and running an ads-campaign to A&R’ing (producers, …) the project. From grinding for the first press-attention to partnering up with a national campaign (debut single). From advancing the first recordings to reaching #1 in De Afrekening for three weeks within 15(+) weeks of airplay on national radio.

Whilst being an OENGER-booked band, they played Jong Muziek 2020, some supports, a (first) COVID-summer with sold-out gigs and , most notably Dranouter, even before releasing the debut single.

Since then we set up the distribution (V2 Records) and booking (Busker) deals. The band’s first three singles as well as the videoclip of ‘bad grades’ were released under the OENGER label and reached a combined 1,000,000 streams within the first half year. The band was featured in and by multiple media outlets, such as VRT, HUMO, Knack, NWS NWS NWS, …

OENGER laid the foundation for a career which resulted in a 4-page interview in HUMO and bookings for international events such as Grasnapolsky (NL).

We also briefly managed Sauvage (inactive)