OENGER is an artist-centered management agency run by music passionates which has the goal to develop and fulfill the potential of yet-to-be discovered talents.

We shepherd, assist, educate and support these artists and their projects to grow strong(er) in the music industry in which opportunities are not always evenly distributed. Together we fight for every opportunity to generate a strong counterflow of musical talent beneath the river of privileged and settled names.
At OENGER, we treat you and your project(s) with due care. We won’t promise you fame, we promise you dedication and passion, enthusiasm and straightforward communication. 
We try to guide, educate and artistically support artists as good family fathers. OENGER maintains its watchful eye on new trends in the music scene, but also makes sure that the available resources are spent as optimally as possible.
Therefore, we are not aiming for a roster filled with known, popular names, but with artists who are creating music that we believe deserves a much bigger platform. Each partnership agreement is tailored to meet the needs of the acts in question.


Creative Development

We go full hands-on. Together we set-up a strategic plan, set-up gigs, we assist you on the look&feel of your act and so much more.

Sound Development

We create a tailor made audio team around your demos, tracks,... to elevate them to a higher level. We work with both experienced & talented studiomagicians.

Business Development

We advise and educate you on your legal requirements and potential income flows.


Tijs Delacroix

Founder, Sound & Creative Development

Florent Lesage

Co-Founder & Business Development

Ophélie Labeeu

Allround Support

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