Subway Freak Show

Waasland represent! Subway Freak Show goes all out for the music they always wanted to make, away from all the usual paths. With raging guitars, penetrating rhythms and a fiery attitude, they pop a shot of adrenaline through the musical bloodstreams. The freak rock of brothers Maes and band, combines the guitar sexiness of The Strokes, the live appeal of bands like Cage The Elephant, the gusto of Equal Idiots and the grotty festival-catchiness of bands like Kasabian.

what we achieved w/ Subway Freak Show


During our collaboration we tried to build a band out of 5 individuals.
We did some A&R and brought them in contact with some interesting producers to assist them in building on their potential hit songs (Stijn Debontridder, Hannes Cuyvers)
We also arranged multiple shows from Zebra Beach in Gent, a show in Hamme to Joc ‘N Roll in Moorslede,… building on their live performance.
We searched and found a dedicated, very talented sound technician (Free Van Gestel)
Together with the band, we managed to get selected with a demo to be played in a series on Ketnet (VRT/VRTMAX).
Due to personal reasons, we decided to pull out of this project. We wish the members the best of luck.